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Shipping & Returns

r workmanship and quality are second to none. We've built this reputation for quality over decades. Every carpet bag is individually inspected. Every zipper is tested. Every strap is double checked. All stitching is inspected. 

Return Policy:
On the off chance you find a problem with the quality of the workmanship or materials, we will make it right. If you need to return an item due to incorrect size or color, contact us for authorization. Once you have authorization ship the bag back and we will issue a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund shipping charges. (Authorization usually is within a business day. Keep in mind, we work four – ten hour days and are closed on Fridays. Call or email ( and please include your name and contact information.)

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. When you get to the checkout, it will show you shipping cost and options. On orders of five bags or more, at your option, we can use your UPS/FedEx account. Always, let us know if you have questions.